About us

LOKSHAHI was founded by a group of Indian freedom fighters Hon. Late Amrut Hari Deshpande in 1955, from Bhusawal, a town in the Jalgaon District state of Maharashtra.
Dainik Lokshahi was started in 1955 by Amrit Hari Deshpande for the United Maharashtra Movement
In 1971, LOKSHAHI was acquired by our founder, Sau. Shanta Kamalakar Wani who Sosalist Sau. Shanta K Wani launched Lokshahi’s first Daily edition on August 15, 1977 from Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

About us : 
LOKSHAHI is a leading multi platform media with interests in a diversified portfolio of publishing, broadcast, digital, entertainment, community and all verticals.

LOKSHAHI is the most popular newspaper in Maharashtra. and LOK LIVE the most popular news channel with over 30 million average Yearly viewers is known for its credible and premium news content.

Keeping abreast with the changing digital landscape, LOKSHAHI Group makes its content available for its readers through its multi-lingual news portals and mobile news app.

LOKSHAHI entered Degital space in 2008 and it co-owns a 24-hour Information and current affairs channel with the Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Website Network.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group is engaged in various social initiatives aimed to help the needy. It also is actively involved in helping victims of natural disasters and tragedies. LOKSHAHI also works to highlight problems faced by people in its communities, bring it to the attention of the concerned authorities for necessary action.

LOKSHAHI has set up solar power plants in Jalgaon Maharashtra. Through this initiative, Lokshahi became the first media house in the country to generate and use green/solar energy for newspapers.

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1955- Late Shri Amrit Hari Deshpande Launched Lokshahi First weakly edition on 1 Jan 1955 from Bhusawal dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
1971 – LOKSHAHI was acquired by Hon. Sau. Shanta Kamalakar Wani,
1975 – LOKSHAHI Weekly started bi-weekly on January 01, 1975
1977 – Lokshahi first Evening Daily Started on 15 Aug. 1977 from Bhusawal Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra
1977 – Hon’ble Shanta Vani honored by Babasaheb Purandare as the only female Editor by the Government of Maharashtra
1980 – Lokshahi First fully Daily edition on 15 Aug 1980 from Bhusawal, Dist. Jalgaon. Maharashtra
1989 – Lokshahi started Distirct edition on 26 Jan.1989 From Jalgaon. Dist. Jalgaon. Maharashtra
2010 – LokMedia Nashik Started on 21 Aug 2010